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Costumes and cultural appropriation – where to draw the line

It’s time for trick or treat, pumpkins, and scary outfits. Halloween has crept up on us once more. Many are prepared — coloured contacts, litres…

Photo: UoM Students' Union

What do I wear to Pangaea?

Deciding on an outfit after securing your golden ticket

The Darling Family from Pangaea Neverland. Photo: The Mancunion

What does it take to be the best dressed at Pangaea?

Let’s take a look through the costumes of Pangaea’s past to see what it takes to be crowned the best dressed


The big costume debate: sexy VS scary

When choosing your Hallowe’en costume, what do you go for? Sultry and sexy, or spine-tingling and scary?


Monster mash

Kathryn Murray with a mash-up of her go-to DIY Halloween outfits


Halloween style stars from the silver screen

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch gives us 5 of the film world’s evilest villains whose styles you’ll want to steal

Fancy dress is a favourite on many nights out

Student 101: controversial costumes

As The BOP was forced to pull its ‘Armed Forces and Taliban’ fancy dress theme Lucy Gardner explores the issue behind controversial costumes