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Photo: Flickr @ European Parliament

EU: Friend or Foe?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer condemns the EU “the enemy” as Manchester benefits from its kindness

Catalonia flag EU flag Image: Madden @Wikimedia Commons

Catalan referendum: illegal protest or reclaiming a homeland?

Catalonia holds a referendum to vote on becoming an independent republic. Labelled as ‘illegal’ by the EU and denied by the Spanish Government entirely, the Catalonians are seen as rebellious teenagers of Spain

Tony Blair (Image: Chatham House @ Flickr)

Blair calls on Manchester to march for EU

People of Manchester should “speak up now before it is too late” at the ‘Stop Brexit’ march, former Prime Minister Tony Blair tells The Mancunion

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Angela Rayner: hard Brexit cannot be allowed to undercut universities

Shadow Education Secretary argues that “Labour respects the result of the referendum but rejects the view of many hard-line Tories of a Brexit at any cost”

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EXCLUSIVE: Alastair Campbell urges students to take action on Brexit

Alastair Campbell calls for Manchester students to attend the upcoming ‘Stop Brexit’ protest to show “depth of concern and anger about Brexit”

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Brexit and Indyref2 leaves the future of EU students in Scotland unclear

Leaving the EU could put huge financial pressure on Scotland to continue providing free education to non-UK EU students after Brexit

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Two slogans that define our world

Ollie Potter looks at how the results of the Brexit referendum and the US Election were surprising yet anticipated; the people are sick of the status quo

manc live eu

Liveblog—The EU referendum: An academic persective

Liam Kelly, our Features Editor, guides you through the second Mancunion Live event—on the EU referendum—in case you can’t make it in person

Did Benn's 'moving' speech merely appeal to intrenched fear of fascism. Photo: aheavens @Flickr

Was Hilary Benn right to evoke the ‘F’ word?

Simon Youel discusses whether Benn’s evocation of fascism was an attempt to appeal to a deep-seated fear

Greeks protest against the EU. Photo: Christos Tsoumplekas @Flickr

Leaving the EU: The case from the left

Ben Farren discusses how the EU’s neo-liberal, corporatist agenda has polluted the organisation to its very core

Refugee Crisis action

Refugees United: Football shows support for refugees

Harry Newton looks at the help given to refugees by many European football clubs in the absence of political action

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece and leader of Syriza. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Student activists learn from radical left Syriza Youth in Athens

Union Education Officer and 20 others made the journey to Greece during the snap elections which saw socialist coalition Syriza take power in Athens