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1st March 2013

Should we care who #ManchesterVotes for?

Brace yourselves – the Students’ Union elections are here. The Mancunion considers why the candidates might be standing, and what Manchester SU is for
25th February 2013

‘This pressure is making it impossible to study’

The civil war has left Syrians studying in the UK fearing for friends and family and struggling financially. Joe Sandler Clarke talks to Husam Helmi – a Syrian PhD student at Brunel University – about how the crisis is affecting him
18th February 2013

NUS heads into National Conference at a crossroads

The next president of the National Union of Students will take the helm of a well-intentioned but divided movement
18th February 2013

Pomeranz: ‘I got into Chinese history by a series of accidents’

Celebrated historian Kenneth Pomeranz talks to The Mancunion’s Jonathan Breen about the importance of understanding China and Niall Ferguson
1st February 2013

Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking

New Year’s resolutions broken already? Oliver Burkeman thinks that our problem lies in an obsession with positive thinking
29th January 2013

Winter Wonderland Pangaea 2013

Julian Wakefield’s shots from Pangaea 2013
4th November 2012

‘Aaron Porter was bullied,’ says NUS President

Andrew Williams sits down with President of the NUS, Liam Burns, ahead of this month’s #Demo2012
1st November 2012

Anderson steals the show on Foundation Day

Andrew Williams meets comedy writer and broadcaster Clive Anderson ahead of his star turn on the University’s annual Foundation Day
28th September 2012

When two tribes go to war…

Andrew Williams considers the absence of genuine rivalry between the universities of Manchester
20th September 2012

‘Iraq is literally a crime against peace’

Andrew Williams talks to former International Development Secretary Clare Short ahead of her visit to the University on Wednesday

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13th September 2012

Six of the best: a potted history of Manchester academia

Andrew Williams profiles six of the University of Manchester’s most influential and prestigious scholars, past and present.
16th February 2012

After the quake

This week, Oli Rahman gives us an in-depth story on the Japanese earthquake that wreaked havoc on Japan almost a year ago.
6th February 2012

An aviary of books: the top literary Twitter feeds

I once tweeted that – IMHO – Mary Karr was a better writer than Joan Didion, and the latter retweeted me. There a lesson here beyond ‘Watch what you say or L.A Matriarchs that refuse to die might find you and eviscerate you while you sleep’, and that is: get over yourselves, Twitter-haters. Even if […]
16th January 2012

On the front line

Khalil Secker talks to Marc Dubois, head of MSF UK, an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation founded in 1971.
7th December 2011

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia…

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia, and all across the land students were preparing for Christmas socials, swaggering merrily around campuses in festive delight, for home and free heating were nearly in sight. Yet first a spectacle beckoned the students to the centre of fair Mancunia, where a small man by […]
22nd November 2011

Popping up near you

Just how long does a trend take to burn out? A fly-by look at the rise and rise of pop-ups, a trend which seems in no danger of fading away. Plus a Q&A with pop-up enthusiasts NOISE charity.
21st November 2011


Eleven hours of performance, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
21st November 2011

MUSEA goes to Amsterdam

From the 2nd – 5th February 2012 for only £135
7th November 2011

NHS- The shake up explained

Medical student Keir Stone-Brown takes you through the NHS reforms in plain English, and looks at the potential consequences
25th October 2011

All abroad!

Interested in travelling? Want to escape those winter month Curry Mile traffic jams, where you wonder if you’ll ever feel anything but bitterness for the world again? Well study abroad might just be for you. Have a look and see how these people got on with their first-hand tales.