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A little advice for a happy, healthy life

For those struggling to find their way out from a mountain of takeaway boxes and crisp wrappers, Food & Drink Editor Ellie Gibbs gives some basic tips for following a healthy lifestyle

What’s in my mum’s make-up bag?

Kassi Alcock delves deep into her mother’s make up bag for a little beauty enlightenment

Ask Kitty

This week our resident lifestyle guru Kitty Treverton Jones contends with pushy parents and long distance relationships

Moving back home: top tips

Wondering how on earth you’ll cope when you have to move back in with the rents? Claire Morris has got it covered

Becoming social life savvy

Want to see your friends all the time but can’t afford the costs of nights out? Why not try these penny-saving ideas to keep you occupied

It’s beginning to look a lot like bankruptcy

Christmas is a difficult time for us penniless students, so Beth Currall provides the best tips on how to give the most special of gifts, without maxing out your overdraft…

10 Foods to eat Before a Night Out

These foods provide the perfect stomach lining for excessive amounts of alcohol

Food for Sleep

Fed up of counting sheep? Faye Waterhouse has the food and drink solution.

We Ask You Answer

Your top tips for freshers trying to find second year houses

The Ex-Factor: how not to be his psycho ex-girlfriend

Have you been called a psycho? Emma Williams defends exes that have a right to be angry

60 seconds with: ZOO magazine’s Laurence Mozafari

Zara talks to ZOO magazine’s Laurence Mozafari about working at one of the UK’s greatest lad mags

Year abroad: working at ELLE, Paris

Cimarron Young, studying French and Business Management, talks to us about her year abroad experience working at ELLE magazine, Paris.

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Follow in the footsteps of ‘Get Baked’ creator Richard Myers

Student 101: home sweet home

Final year student Lucy Firth gives advice about living away from home

60 seconds with…Kelby McNally

Kelby McNally is Acting Associate Editor of Closer Online