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Column: Shut Up and Make a Documentary

LCD Soundsystem’s legacy might yet extend beyond their music.

Let’s not be superficial about this…

A bigger kinda beauty, people!

X Addiction – It’s time to kick the habit

X-Factor has returned, as predictably as the annual bout of the common cold, turning sensible people (me) into snivelling addicts.

Being here now

Detroit may have Motown, L.A. may have Dr. Dre, New Orleans may have Fats Domino, but we’ve got Shaun Ryder.

Interview: Wheatus

Tom Ingham chats to Brendan Brown, Wheatus frontman, about what life is like having such a hit song.

The Generation of Idiots

As the Beach Boys celebrate their 50th anniversary tour, trawling the length and breadth of America and Europe off the back of their 30th studio album, one must hark back to pop music’s golden age. The Beach Boys were once part of one of pop music’s most notorious duels, in constant competition with four mop-haired […]

Feature: Good looking music

New albums just don’t have the same impact anymore because the music is all too easy to come by.

Feature: The Haçienda: 30 Years On

Its creation gave the house movement a home in Manchester, and its legacy remains to this day.

Interview: Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip chats to Elisha Mansuroglu about Beach Break, Celebrity Big Brother and the possibility of shaving his beard off.

Feature: Manchester University Music Society

The Manchester University Music Society is one of the largest and most active music societies in the country.

Column: I love your shit

A tale of blossoming electronic romance between Skrillex and Ellie Goulding.

Opinion: Why I hate Two Door Cinema Club

I’ll always have infinitely more respect for Lou Reed collaborating with Metallica than any indie clone band.

Feature: Four songs in the Field of: Funk

Dan Jones provides us with his 4 favourite songs in the much overlooked genre of funk.

Feature: Independent Record Stores

As physical music sales plummet, independent record stores are becoming all the more vital to a sustainable future for the record industry.

Opinion: The Vaccines

The Vaccines are no cure to the musical stagnation in the indie scene.

Feature: Rest in Peace, Davy Jones

Davy Jones will forever be remembered as one of the first true popstars, a charismatic performer and an incredible human being.

Opinion: Whitney Houston

Should we really be lining the pockets of opportunistic industry types?

Opinion: Why I hate Murkage

“Fuck standing around posing like a dickhead” reads the Murkage Club Facebook group. How ironic.

Column: The Fest Medicine

It’s that time of year again.

Column: Keeping the Faith

As a movement, Northern Soul effectively flicked a middle finger towards the charts.