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It’s not just Gavin Williamson – it’s time for the honours system as we know it to go

It’s not just Gavin Williamson – it’s time for the honours system as we know it to go

Gavin Williamson is another in a long line of knighthood scandals

Global News

This week in global news

The taxing demands of being a leader

Jessica Chow-Lau argues that we need proper financial understanding to judge David Cameron appropriately and get to the bottom of tax avoidance

The EU is not perfect, but to run would be cowardly

The European Project has its flaws but has the potential to be so much better. Britain should be at the heart of it

Motion to ban Prime Minister from SU to be debated at Senate

The motion questions the democratic legitimacy of the current government, since “zero students voted Tory”

Student tackles Cameron on his ‘personal experience’ of tax avoidance

At a talk on the EU delivered to students at Exeter University, David Cameron was ambushed when a student suggested Cameron had ‘personal experience’ of tax avoidance

Student Action for Refugees

Yasmin Mannan gives an insight into the ways you can stand up for and help refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester and beyond

No place for morality in Cameron’s Britain

The Conservative’s successive undemocratic crackdowns on our freedom to protest are a sign of a government with little effective challenge

Can Cameron truly scale the wall of prison reform?

Ed John discusses the limitations of Cameron’s proposed prison reform and the overlooked issues that will only perpetuate themselves

The conduct of the Syria debate belies its importance

The way the politicians and the media have conducted themselves inappropriately in relation to Syria means we have failed the matter at hand

Will Cameron’s claims over Syria be his undoing?

Joel Kelly asks whether Cameron’s claim that there are 70,000 moderate opposition fighters in Syria will be his fatal undoing

Students protest airstrikes on Syria

Students in Manchester and across the country took to the streets while to protest while MPs debated whether to start military action against the IS in Syria

Nous Sommes Ensemble

With the terror attacks in France, the footballing world comes together to stand by the side of the French

Why Germany can’t solve the refugee crisis alone

Chancellor Merkel’s response to the refugee crisis has been admirable, but Joel Kelly argues that we can’t expect Germany to take all the responsibility

Will tax credits unstick Cameron’s slick style?

George Bolton looks at how David Cameron’s PR-managed answers could be harming his credibility in the long run

Why we can’t just ‘move on’ from the legacy of slavery

Lower prosperity, lower educational attainment and higher suspicion. The legacy of slavery is still very much with us in our society today, writes Kyle Huggins

UCAS to implement “name blind” applications to tackle discrimination

In order to tackle racial bias, the British government backs plans by UCAS to implement ‘name blind’ university application forms

An insider’s view of the Tory party conference

Colm Lock, whose attendance at the Conservative Party Conference saw him egged by a protester, gives an exclusive insight into what it was like inside the ‘safe zone’, and his jump onto the front pages of national newspapers

Leaving the EU: The case from the left

Ben Farren discusses how the EU’s neo-liberal, corporatist agenda has polluted the organisation to its very core

Rugby and our rulers

Joely Thomas examines if there is more to the exclusivity of rugby and our political elites than we might think