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Young political societies debate in run up to election

Young political societies debate in run up to election

The four main political societies on campus debated issues affecting students in the run up to the general election
Young People and Politics: How to make a difference with Amelia Womack

Young People and Politics: How to make a difference with Amelia Womack

Amelia Womack, the Deputy Leader of the Green Party, made a rousing call for direct action at her speech at the Students’ Union

The Green Party are the future of progressive politics

The Green Party still plays a vital role for experimental, innovative left wing politics

Interview: Green Party candidate Laura Bannister

We met with Green Party candidate for Withington, Laura Bannister, as part of our series of interviews with local candidates before the general election on June 8th

Your chance to vote for the Mayor of Manchester

Voters will decide on the first ever elected Mayor of Greater Manchester

Manchester students part of “largest anti-nuclear demonstration for a generation”

Manchester students travelled to London to join the largest anti-nuclear demonstration in a generation against the renewal of Trident

Mancunion Live: The best of your tweets

During the Mancunion Live event audience members were able to tweet their views with #MancunionLive. These are the highlights of your comments

‘Time to Act on Climate Change’ meeting on campus

Representatives from across the climate change movement met on campus to promote student and public protest ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. On the 12th of November 2015, Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, Asas Rehman from Friends of the Earth and  representative of the Campaign Against Climate Change Martin Empson, addressed over 100 students […]

Natalie Bennett speaks of the insanity of nuclear weapons

Natalie Bennett tells The Mancunion about her fears of Trident, her views of Sunday’s National Demonstration, and her hopes for the future

Interview: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner, spoke to The Mancunion ahead of his General Election event on the 30th of April

Political Party Profiles

Youth branches of the five main political parties active within the Students’ Union were interviewed on the policies of their parties and why they believe their party would best serve students

Students go to Brussels to fight against TTIP

TTIP has been described as one of the most controversial legislations that the European Commission has tried to bring about, yet it is not as well known as would be expected. Roberta Rofman talks to Natasha Brooks about her thoughts on TTIP, her campaign in Brussels and US politics

Green party membership surge in Manchester

The Manchester Green Party receives a surge in new members, mirroring the national picture. The Young Greens see a 100 per cent increase in members.

Time to end Page 3?

The No More Page 3 campaign has reached national prominence, Sam Dumitriu speaks to campaigners and asks is Page 3’s time up?

Why I think the Green Party should change its name

Clifford Fleming explains why the Green Party’s low support level could largely be a result of its name

“Regulate the hell out of crazy big banks”, says new Green Party leader

Eve Fensome meets the new leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett

Death of Manchester’s powerful Green activist

Green campaigner Gayle O’Donovan’s untimely death shocks the environmental movement