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US election 2020: Who’s going to win?

US election 2020: Who’s going to win?

Theatre Editor Jay Darcy explores Trump’s shock victory, the 2020 polls, and possible scenarios that could ensue after the US presidential election – for instance, if Trump loses, will he actually go away?
Could Covid-19 defeat the Trump Administration?

Could Covid-19 defeat the Trump Administration?

A week of disaster and scandal for the Trump administration, coupled with a blatant disregard for the dangers of Covid, could cost the President the election, argues Joe McFadden
Believing in Bernie is believing in the planet

Believing in Bernie is believing in the planet

Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal is the only viable plan for the planet in this year’s Presidential election, argues Tallulah Brennan

Female scientists sign letter against hate

Following Trump’s victory in the US election, nearly 9,000 women have signed an open letter against the “hateful rhetoric that was given a voice” against science and hate

War on drugs: Fabric reopens the debate

With new rules put in place, Fabric is due to reopen, and with it the age-long debate on drugs is back

Consumerism: always on the rise

From politics to the holiday season, globalisation and consumerism have given celebrity culture too much control over our lives

Conspiracy theories take centre stage

Elliot Mills exposes the ridiculous arguments of today’s ‘conspiracy theorists’, of whom many helped Donald Trump win the Presidency

Two slogans that define our world

Ollie Potter looks at how the results of the Brexit referendum and the US Election were surprising yet anticipated; the people are sick of the status quo

Why was Trump elected?

A look back into the devastating economic and social wounds of fairly recent American history can help us to understand Trump’s success

Fight breaks out in SU bar during US election overnight broadcast

A fight broke out during the overnight broadcast of the US Presidential elections in the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union bar, which saw Donald Trump elected President

30days40songs – the art of the protest song

Jacob Hopkins explores the 30days40songs project — a rare revival of protest music in the build-up to the US Presidential Election

The Save the Date campaign: A great idea ruined by propaganda

With voter turnout remaining a prevalent issue in US politics, have we been using the power of celebrity and social media for good?

‘Orc Assassin’ gets elected to State Senate

WoW player Colleen Lachowicz has been elected to the Maine State Senate

An American abroad: Obama’s re-election

With a Republican house, this American feels Obama has, and will continue to be a (relative) force for good.