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Elrica Degirmen

Elrica Degirmen

The best way to counter PC culture is to speak your mind

Newspaper bans on campus is a minor issue. Free speech advocates ought to focus their attention on more worthwhile causes

Everyday Feminism: Take control of yourselves

The Everyday Feminism website is an example of the ongoing march towards the politics of victimhood

Petition for a referendum on NUS membership at Manchester goes live

A petition has been launched on the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union website calling for a referendum on membership of the NUS

Trump and Farage are role models for aspiring politicians

The successes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage can act as inspiration for a renewal of passion in politics

An NUS Women’s Officer is unnecessary

The newly elected NUS Women’s Officer stands for nothing but criticising imaginary problems

How about decolonisation ‘debates’ fall down, instead?

Arguments about the decolonisation of higher education courses have reached a new low, with the suggestion that science is racist

British universities use trigger warnings to help students’ mental health

The use of trigger warnings in UK universities is on the rise as we follow the trend from the US

Dear fresher females studying STEM

Elrica Degirmen offers her view on the dangers for women in STEM subjects

What do Teach First ambassadors actually promote?

The organisation’s prominence is detrimental to the progress of schools in Britain’s most deprived areas

The double standards of the student left

The actions and ideologies of some of the student left are shutting down important debates

Grammar school proposals don’t go far enough

The reintroduction of grammar schools offers hope, but more needs to be done to diversify education

Identity politics is making a mockery out of the left wing

The fear of offending is consuming the left wing at universities in defeatist identity politics