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Jack Crutcher

Jack Crutcher

Preview: X Men: Days of Future Past

Jack looks ahead to the hotly anticipated X-Men sequel, uniting the casts of both generations of mutant films

Review: Parkland

Jack Crutcher reviews the political drama ‘Parkland’

Preview: Noah

Jack Crutcher discusses Darren Aronofsky’s cinematic turn from the balletic to the biblical

Former Nintendo Boss Dies

Jack Crutcher looks back on the revolutionary and influential career of Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi

Contrary Corner: Why Wahlberg doesn’t hit the mark

Jack Crutcher tells us why he believes that Mark Wahlberg is in the wrong job

Preview: Carrie

Jack looks ahead to the new version of Stephen King’s classic horror and whether it can offer anything new

I’m sorry but…apocalyptic movies are getting boring!

Jack Crutcher vents his frustration at world ending blockbusters

Bioshock: Infinite Preview

Jack Crutch looks at Bioshock, as Irrational Games take to the skies

Playstation 4: What you need to know

Sony’s latest console is set to be in shops before Christmas

Preview: ‘Oblivion’

Jack Crutcher looks forward to the latest sci-fi blockbuster starring Tom Cruise

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Jack Crutcher previews Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Preview: ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

Jack Crutcher previews the latest instalment of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Jack Crutcher previews Aliens: Colonial Marines

Review: ‘Lincoln’

Jack Crutcher reviews Steven Spielberg’s highly acclaimed biopic, ‘Lincoln’

Retro Corner: Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings

Jack Crutcher looks back at the breakthrough RTS Age of Kings

Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth – Preview

Jack Crutcher preview the latest entry in the Lord of the Rings franchise

Preview: ‘Jack Reacher’

Jack Crutcher previews Tom Cruise’s latest thriller

THQ to delay releases after profits fall

Game developer delays Metro and Company of Heroes sequels

Clash of the Titans

Jack Crutcher looks at the the three shooters battling for dominance this winter

Fable: The Journey

Jack Crutcher looks at the latest entry in the Fable series