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Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Opinion: The Sex Pistols Have Deserted the Punk Ideals, But They Haven’t Sold Out

Never mind the Sex Pistols, here’s another opinion piece from Stephen Miller himself

Interview: Rhino Bucket

Stephen Miller talks to Rhino Bucket about work permits, Manchester United and lawyering up

Opinion: Baroque-ing All Over The World?

Stephen Miller looks at why challenging the tonal status quo is just what we need

Opinion: Space… the vinyl frontier

Stephen Miller considers the appeal of vinyl records against the lack of innovation in the consumption of music today

Opinion: Saving The West ‘Till Last – 57th Grammys Beck With A Bang

Stephen Miller peels away the hype and hypocrisy behind Kanye’s latest stunt at last week’s Grammys

Album: AC/DC – Rock Or Bust

Rock Or Bust is a very sophisticated, foot-stomping album of no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll

Opinion: Bob Geldof – Should He Give Up, Or Should He Just Keep Chasing Payments?

Stephen Miller challenges the charitable exploits of Bob Geldof

Opinion: Why Don’t We Give A Funk About Being Innovative Any More?

Stephen Miller questions the current lack of creative inspiration in music

From Real Love to Real Change: Are John Lewis Ads Now Too Predictable?

Stephen Miller breaks the ice on penguins in advertisement

Opinion: Difficult Second Album Syndrome – The Myth, The Mystery And The Mercury Prize

Stephen Miller asks whether a sophomore slump really does spell disaster for new acts

Opinion: The Tills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Stephen Miller asks whether the high street’s playlist choices are becoming too intrusive

Opinion: We Built This Authenti-City On Rock And Roll

Stephen Miller discusses authenticity in music