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4th October 2012

100,000 science graduates needed to maintain economy

A report has found that an extra 10,000 annual science graduates are needed to maintain the UK economy
4th October 2012

300-million-year-old insects seen for first time

300-million-year-old insects have been visualised from inside rock for the first time.
3rd October 2012

Man arrested for rape after DNA blunder

A man was remanded in prison for five months on a charge of rape after a mistake was made processing his DNA for an unrelated incident
28th September 2012

Rubbing salt in a wound helps, says research

A high-salt solution can reduce inflammation in body tissue, a new study has shown
27th September 2012

Majority of European languages at risk of extinction

A study has found that most European languages lack the technological support required to survive in the digital age
27th September 2012

Manchester up in green league table

The University of Manchester is up thirty places in a national university ‘green’ league table
19th September 2012

Pacific Oyster invasion threatens Irish ecology

Feral Pacific oysters on the Irish coast are now threatening the local ecology, according to a new study.
19th September 2012

Manchester bidding for £23 million to help fund graphene centre

The University of Manchester is bidding for £23 million to help fund the development of a graphene hub
12th September 2012

Green groups condemn Environment Secretary appointment

The Manchester Green Party has described Owen Patterson as “last sort of person we want in charge of the environment”
12th September 2012

Scientists reveal ‘magic carpet’

University of Manchester scientists reveal a ‘magic carpet’ that could help detect and prevent falls

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12th September 2012

‘Permafrost threatens massive carbon release,’ warns Manchester academic

Dr Bart van Dongen, of the University of Manchester, has warned that a collapsed ice wall in Siberia is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than was previously thought
12th September 2012

Athletes experience time differently, says research

Athletes perception of time changes when they are competing, according to research published by UCL
7th May 2012

Breast cancer: 10 separate diseases

Specifying breast cancer diseases may improve treatments and patient care
7th May 2012

Private sector avoids lion’s share of data breach fines

Claims that the private sector has “relatively free rein”, largely unpunished for data breaches
7th May 2012

Answer to obesity in new weight loss drugs

“Statistics show that at least one in three adults in the US is classed as obese”
7th May 2012

Synthetic genetics – XNA

UK researchers have developed ‘synthetic DNA’
30th April 2012

Manchester research finds hope for bipolar treatment

New research determines why lithium salts help bipolar suffers
30th April 2012

‘Revenge porn’ website shut down

“The Net’s most hated man” has a sudden change of conscience
30th April 2012

Diabetes caused by dieting during pregnancy

“expectant mothers who diet during pregnancy could well be risking their unborn child’s future health and quality of life”
30th April 2012

New technique to determine source of greenhouse gasses

New step to decipher human accountability for global warming

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