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The Parliamentary Candidate hustings for Manchester Withington were hosted by the University of Manchester's Students' Union. Photo: @iatw4l @Twitter.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke’s proposals for legal aid reform may sound fairly reasonable when written down; it is hard to argue that “unnecessary litigation” could ever be a good thing (Ministerial Foreword: Proposals for the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales). However, what he deems to be “unnecessary cases”, which the public should […]

As reported exclusively in The Mancunion last week, the number of sex attacks is on the rise in student areas of Manchester. What, then, can be said of the number of convictions? Or the sentences these offenders are likely to receive? Earlier this year, new plans for a consultation on sentencing reform came under fire […]

Manchester’s comedy store has been open since 2000 and, like its sister stage in London, is one of the most established venues in comedy. Best in Standup is one of the club’s weekly shows. Compare Ben Norris was relaxed and irreverent, and did the usual crowd warm up banter with ease and fast-paced wit. Opener […]

Arriving late and being uneducated in what the Frisky and Mannish experience involved, I admit I lacked the necessary enthusiasm for the duo’s introductory round of audience participation that had already begun. Fighting the initial urge to run straight back out of the door, the show gathered momentum and we couldn’t help but pick up […]

National Fail

Privatisation works by opening up services to a free market, which drives down prices and leads to innovation and improvements in customer service. These improvements over a nationalised system are born out of competition between different providers. The telecoms industry is an excellent example of where privatisation has worked to effect improvements; numerous providers offer […]

The Parliamentary Candidate hustings for Manchester Withington were hosted by the University of Manchester's Students' Union. Photo: @iatw4l @Twitter.

The government plans to slash the legal aid budget by £350m, yet legal aid will remain in almost all criminal cases or cases that involve areas which are protected by law such as domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction. The current budget for legal aid in the United Kingdom stands at £2bn, which is […]

To be able to start a show successfully with a string of bird walk impressions, including a chicken in a minefield, can only prepare the audience for a good 2 hours of comedy. Jimeoin is not only hilariously funny but also has the most inviting smile and a charming Irish accent. His comedy is not […]

Ben Norris hosted an evening of comedy stylings at The Comedy Store with acts from Paul Tonkinson, Michael Fabbri, Andrew Bird and Phil Nichol. Ben was a great host; his comedy was witty and quick in improvisation with some urban-based Hip Hop. The crowd was suitably drunk and rowdy and dealing with a raucous audience […]

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