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Top 3 Euro destinations for student savings

With Easter and summer coming up, we take a look at three European destinations that are perfect to visit with your student ID to get the best discounts

Get away for a weekend

Feeling blue about being stuck in Manchester? Why not book yourself a weekend away; here’s some tips on how to make it as cheap as possible

Global News

This week in global news

British people should learn community languages

Changes to the languages we are taught at school may be made in a bid to improve the UK’s economic standing and the social integration of immigrants

The French election will be pivotal for Europe’s future

The political progress of Europe in the post-war era is being threatened by the rightwards movement of French politics

Pro-Wrestling from a Different Angle

Reporter Joe Murphy had a VIP ticket to part of the National British Wrestling Festival, and this is how get got on

Manchester is tenth most expensive city for students

Manchester has been announced the tenth most expensive city to study in, but with the rise of competitive institutions, will the University continue to attract prospective students?

A Gibraltarian against Brexit

The ‘Remainers’ of the Rock need to make a strong case in EU negotiations

How Europe tackles tuition fees

With tuition fees on the rise in the UK, how are other European countries managing university costs for their students?

Leave behind the EU and embrace Rule Britannia

In his true final piece of the year, Colm Lock lays out the case for Britain voting to leave in June

Brexit would create ‘a huge problem’ for HE in Europe, warn academics

Leading academics have expressed their fears about what the UK leaving the European Union will mean for research and collaboration between universities

Leaving the EU: The case from the left

Ben Farren discusses how the EU’s neo-liberal, corporatist agenda has polluted the organisation to its very core

The Murder Marketplace

Grace Annesley-Mair reflects on the implications of the UK’s stance on the refugee crisis as international arms fairs continue to be held in London

Festival Guide 2015: Europe

Guide to European festivals of 2015

Student activists learn from radical left Syriza Youth in Athens

Union Education Officer and 20 others made the journey to Greece during the snap elections which saw socialist coalition Syriza take power in Athens
Gentlemen, this is for you..

Travel: Gardens of Versailles

Our elusive traveller ‘Pip Squeak’ on his stay in the picturesque Gardens of Versailles

MMU student presents manifesto at Brussels

Tehseen Mirza presented the bill to MEPs, which will be voted on in the European Parliament

Majority of European languages at risk of extinction

A study has found that most European languages lack the technological support required to survive in the digital age

Mancunians face above average health risks

A pan-European health study has found greater health risks for Greater Manchester than the European average