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graphene Articles

Graphene Week 2015 will be hosted by the University of Manchester

Between 22nd and 26th June 2015, The University of Manchester will host Graphene Week 2015. For this occasion, the £61 million National Graphene Institute (NGI) at the university will open for the first time

‘From Gradgrind to Graphene’

The 2014 Foundation Day Lecture saw Professor Jeanette Winterson deliver a passionate talk about the radical history of Manchester

Graphene sandwich could satisfy our hunger for designer materials

The graphene juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down, as scientists discover yet another use for Manchester’s favourite wonder material

“Miracle material” graphene to be used in condoms

Researchers attempt to make graphene-based condoms.

£23 million graphene funding boost

The European funding will be used alongside UK money to build the £61 million National Graphene Institute

‘Wonder material’ potential mapped out

Potential uses for graphene have been mapped out in a new report

Manchester bidding for £23 million to help fund graphene centre

The University of Manchester is bidding for £23 million to help fund the development of a graphene hub

Six of the best: a potted history of Manchester academia

Andrew Williams profiles six of the University of Manchester’s most influential and prestigious scholars, past and present.

The rise in tuition fees is a ‘bloody big roadblock’, says David Miliband

David Miliband discusses the implications for social mobility after the tutition fee increase at a Q&A session at the University of Manchester

Graphene to be used in ‘next generation of computer chips’

Two Nobel prize winning professors at Manchester University believe they can create the next generation of computer chips