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Aimee Grant Cumberbatch


What does your ASOS order history say about you?

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch indulges in some fashion reminiscence with a little help from her ASOS order history

Photo: Mancunion: Fashion & Beauty

Top 5: Trends that offend

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch looks at five times fashion crossed the line from appreciation to appropriation

Photo: The Mancunion

Welsh boy wears make-up

We put make-up on a boy. This is his story

The university and the city continue to infringe upon us, while failing to protect us. Photo: Blithe Mik @ Flickr

Campus street style

We give you our selection of UoM’s most stylish students

Photo: Vagina Monologues

Review: Vagina Monologues

The eye-opening and thought-provoking performance never lost its humour, despite the seriousness of the content, writes ‎Aimée Grant Cumberbatch

Photo: midgro22 @Flickr

Feminist fashion: Decisive decades

The Fashion Editors take a look at the defining decades of feminist fashion


Flashion: Rick Owens AW 14/15

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch gets an eyeful of Rick Owens’ AW 14/15 penis peepshow

Photo: Raj Sidhu

Charity shop challenge: the Altrincham edition

Aimee Grant Cumberbatch scours the charity shops of Manchester to see what she can buy for less than a bottle of Sainsbury’s Basics vodka

Vintage clothing. Photo: Gráinne Morrison

The Upcycling Project

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch fills you in on the SU’s inspiring new fashion initiative


Halloween style stars from the silver screen

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch gives us 5 of the film world’s evilest villains whose styles you’ll want to steal


What are you saying?

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch wonders whether fashion is simply about making a statement

Crop on top, credit: kookysuyuki @ Flickr

Fashion Revolution: The 90s

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch takes a look at the decade trend that just won’t die