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Kathryn Murray

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Fashion Class of 2016

Congratulations! You have survived another year. Tell us a bit about your style

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Fashion face off: Denim vs Leather

We have all had to make that decision, so which side are you on? Kathryn Murray discusses the two staple choices for spring jackets

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All I want for Christmas is…

…the most glamorous products on the market! Find out exactly what the Fashion & Beauty section of The Mancunion are asking Santa for this year (spoiler: it’s very wishful thinking)


Accessories: The Hallowe’en Edit

Don’t want to go all-out for Halloween but want your outfit to acknowledge the scary theme? Fear not, Kathryn Murray is here to help

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MCR Student Night Out

Fashion Editor Kathryn gives you the lowdown on Manchester’s student night shopping event

Fashion Factor

Fashion Factor

With the X-Factor being an autumn staple for over ten years, Kathryn Murray looks at what we can expect from the show’s style department

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Shop and raise money for charity with Care2Save

Care2Save is a charity that raises money when you shop. Kathryn Murray tells us more

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Walk this way, fashion this way

Want to be ahead of the curve? Kathryn Murray walks you through the hottest trends, from New York’s to London’s Fashion Week and how to make this year’s purchases last from season to season

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Manchester must-haves

Congratulations! You have made it to Manchester. But what fashion and beauty essentials are needed to survive here? Kathryn reveals the must-haves

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When in Manchester, do as Mancunians do

Want to look like a true Mancunian but don’t know where to turn to for inspiration? Fear not, Kathryn Murray is here to point you in the right direction


What goes up…

Contributor Kathryn Murray investigates the rise, fall and rebirth of John Galliano

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Cottonopolis: Manchester’s fashionable history

Contributer Kathryn Murray gives us a history lesson on the cotton industry in Manchester