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David Willetts MP Minister for Science and Universities at University of Birmingham where he made his first keynote speech.

Coalition help for poorer students ahead of Commons vote

The coalition government proposed to help pay the cost of tuition fees for some of the country’s poorest students ahead of the tuition fee vote last week.


So how did they vote?

After much agonising we now know how each Liberal Democrat MP cast their deciding vote during last Thursday’s crucial debate. As expected, every Lib Dem at the centre of government, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Business Secretary Vince Cable voted for the rise.

Academics protest

Academic staff fills ranks to march on eve of Commons vote

Up to 500 students and activists marched in Manchester against the government’s proposed rise in tuition fees last Wednesday. The march took place on the eve of the House of Commons vote, which saw an increase in fees by a majority of 21 votes.

David Andani

Government announces immigration cap

Foreign academics may struggle to obtain a visa and a right to work within the UK. This will result in academic institutions around the country suffering from a smaller pool of quality staff.

David Andani

A woman’s place is in the boardroom

Female workers earn, on average, 17 per cent less than their male counterparts.

David Andani

Piigs in a mess

The costs involved with rescuing the bank are spiralling uncontrollably and it is feared the Irish government will not be able to afford the €35bn rescue costs.

David Andani

Miliband coy on deficit reduction policy

Miliband called Alistair Darling’s strategy, to halve the deficit within four years, a starting point. This aside, he has been extremely vague.

David Andani

Beyond Petroleum?

BP has finally sealed the ruptured well that led to millions of barrels of oil being leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Tower remains as one of the halls still housing students in Owens Park. Photo: Nick Bojdo

Owens Park drug users rack up a third of all fines

Notorious hall of residence appears to be living up to its reputation