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CCTV footage shows David Mark Schofield (right) chasing a suspected thief (left) moments before being hit.

Video: Man hit by bus while chasing thief dies

A Liverpool student is hit by a bus outside the BBC building.

A Manchester student lost 87 patient records while on a placement.

Medic loses 87 patients’ records

Patient records were lost by a Manchester University medical student.

Joe Thomas plays the shy and insecure Kingsley.

‘No one has touched this since the Young Ones’

Student life in Manchester inspired a new comedy show.

Luminar are relying on 1st years to avoid going into administration.

‘Freshers, drink with us to save our company’

The nightclub chain Oceana faces closure.

Writing in the Rain

Writing in the rain

Don’t let the rain ruin your ink.

Closer by the rain

The Rain

Closer by the rain

Sun over John Donne's

A Tribute to John Donne (and Stephen Nashef)

We are whole countries caught in cotton

A sight for sore eyes

The Ten A.M. Thought

…that this pissy and ungourmet coffee undercompensates for a last night on the tiles and the bourbon with the boys.

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park

In the corner, across from the fountain, sits Peter Proma


The Storm’s Sonnet

Fourteen lines rotate like a weather vane



Nothing is spoken

Nameless birds, thrushes maybe – blue-tits, swallows


And dry toast, and hardbook books