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Blind Date: Debbie and Jonathan

Debbie, a third year maths student, met Jonathan, a second year chemist, in Trof Fallowfield. Did romance combust or were there they unable to solve their own equation

Blind date: Lucy and George

Lucy met George in Trof Fallowfield for another Mancunion blind date, but did romance blossom?

The Facebook PDA

Molly Allen dishes the dirt on Facebook relationships

You Say: What’s wrong with a fantasy?

Frideswide O’Neill tells us why you should indulge in sexual fantasy and defends those who watch porn

Online dating: part 2

Lucy Gardner’s second week of online dating

The Ex-Factor: how not to be his psycho ex-girlfriend

Have you been called a psycho? Emma Williams defends exes that have a right to be angry

We ask, you answer

This week… do you make better friends at school/college or at University?

Fifty Shades of Fallowfield continued…

The second part of Gwen Ellis’s 50 Shades of Grey parody

Tales from between the bedsheets

This week… the longest you have ever been without sex.

Could we go the distance?

Dana takes us on a rocky ride through her ‘man detox’