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Review: FIFA 18

Does FIFA justify yet another purchase?

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Microtransactions: the scourge of the games industry

What are they, and why should you care?

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Sergio Ramos: The best defender in the world

Dane Massey makes the case for why the Real Madrid centre back is so good

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Video refereeing in football is long overdue

Football will join cricket and rugby in using video replays in decisions in 2018

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Political Football

In the wake of the debate over whether international footballers should display a poppy on their kit, maybe it is time to realise that, contrary to the well-worn adage, sport and politics should, and do, mix regularly

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FIFA scraps anti-racism taskforce

Fifa has attracted widespread criticism for abolishing taskforce which aimed to eradicate racism within football

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Sports’ governing bodies are misbehaving

With a different sport’s governing body being in the spotlight each day for a scandal, it’s time to ask for transparency.

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Sport is becoming a bit of a dope

Will Kelly suggests its the administrators of sporting organisations that really need those performance enhancing drugs…

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FIFA chaos as the world cries out for change

With Platini, Blatter and leading football chiefs embroiled in a web of problems, it is time for change

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The Great FIFA Myth

James Thursfield explores how FIFA has influenced the way we perceive real football

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Top tips for living harmoniously with the opposite sex

Just moved in with the opposite sex? Kitty Treverton Jones has some advice to avoid arguments

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is seeking a fifth consecutive term in office. Photo: Pan Photo @Flickr

Watch out! Fifa fail ethically yet again

The latest corruption scandal involving Fifa shows how endemic a problem it is.