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Live: Hinds

Hinds’ charming, rip-roaring garage-rock revivalism had the audience in Gorilla right in the palms of their hands

Photo: waxorian @Flickr

Interview: NZCA Lines

It took four years for the return of Michael Lovett’s sci-fi synthpop project NZCA Lines. He discusses JG Ballard, singing with a cold and music in 2086 with Jacob Bernard-Banton

Photo: Album artwork

David Bowie doesn’t like looking back down memory lane in heritage rock docs. Instead, he delivers strange, serpentine albums like Blackstar with both eyes set firmly on the future

Photo: Album Artwork

Ten years ago, J Dilla left behind his nostalgic, life-affirming swansong, the 31-track masterpiece Donuts: a sprawling and inspired distillation of 70s black music that cemented his status as a musical genius