‘Mutually beneficial arrangements’ help government, says site owner
Male-female segregation may be acceptable at university events, says report
Sam Dumitriu interviews US campus free speech activist Greg Lukianoff on the fight to defend free speech on campus
A reminder of what we delivered in 2012-2013.
• THREE candidates successfully appeal against election disqualification • Kazi Tawseef replaces Ellie Bradbury as Wellbeing Officer following recount • Open letter complains about handling of the affair
‘That’s what she said’ report draws attenion to the ‘lad culture’ invading all aspects of university life
Nanon Lingwood tells us why we should vote for her for Women’s Officer
Alex Maxia compares women’s safety in Manchester to that in Sweden, where safety is less of a pressing issue.
Ross Graham explores the parallels between Murakami’s evocation of ‘60s students life in Norweigian Wood and 21st century student life…
SponsorAScholar.co.uk exposed as exploiting cash-strapped students, but how prolific is student sex work?
Women’s rights campaigners create counter-protest in response to graphic images on display
Andrew Williams sits down with President of the NUS, Liam Burns, ahead of this month’s #Demo2012
Meet the maverick lecturer who will head Manchester University’s new University College for Interdisciplinary Learning
The increase in student prostitution has initiated a £500,000 investigation by Swansea University
Could talking about sex with our parents have a direct effect upon the rates of STI’s and teenage pregnancy in Britain?
Michael Farthing criticises government’s plans to improve higher education
Richard Crook looks at the origins of our building names. Who are the people being honoured by Manchester and why?
With the Tory Conference descending on Manchester, we ask our political party societies why their party is the one to watch this week
A woman who should have served 18 months for possession with intent to supply has been released to attend her freshers’ week.
At its heart The Female Eunuch is a call for freedom from a constricting conformity that still exists.

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