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Colm Lock takes aim at the Students’ Union and states that it facilitates far too much waste and is not representing the student body
With the decline of materialism is our spending moving towards other services that makes us happy?
Last week, officials met to finalise a deal creating academic links between UK universities and their Egyptian counterparts currently operating under internationally-condemned authoritarian rule
In their second year of ranking institutions based on how well freedom of speech is protected, Spiked found that 90 per cent curb free speech
Ryan Khurana, the organiser of Milo Yiannapoulos’ upcoming talk, gives his view on why safe space policies have no place in universities
A new report by the Institute of Physics suggests schools should do more to tackle ‘sexist banter’ that can discourage girls from pursuing careers in science
Students from The University of Texas plan to stage a protest involving “gigantic swinging dildos” next year, when new gun laws will come into action allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus
Books Editor Yasmin Mannan argues that attempts to fight radicalisation are a serious and dangerous threat to our academic liberties
The Mancunion profiles the members of the Students’ Union Executive Team and takes a look at what you can expect from the Union in the forthcoming year
The De Montfort University Vice-Chancellor has been criticised for not consulting students and ignoring the PM’s voting record before making him a Companion of the university
Leanne Charlotte explores the importance of primetime television in portraying health issues to aid the public’s understanding of stigmatised illnesses
Occupy LSE locked themselves in the Vera Anstey Suite and released a list of demands that would remove the neoliberal agenda from higher education
With March being Women’s History Month, Leonie Dunn looks at five of the top feminist works from manifestos to fiction
Votes in the Student’s Union elections may be cast until Thursday the 12th at 3pm. Go to MyManchester and click ‘Vote Now’. More information about all candidates can be found on the Students’ Union website
Spiked’s Free Speech University Rankings ranked universities on the level of free expression allowed on campus. The University of Manchester was ranked amber; the university itself received green, but the Students’ Union’s amber ranking pulled it down.
A 2014 study by the NUS also flagged up issues with LGBT harassment and bullying in UK universities
Stalwart of the House of Commons Sir Gerald Kaufman MP has sat in the House since 1970 as MP for Ardwick and later for Gorton. Charlie Spargo met with him to discuss Palestine, education and Tony Benn
Marina Iskander analyses feminism outside of the western world, and how feminism can be plugged into non-Western cultures.
Feminism is hardly bashful and the pervasive misandry is only serving to make men resentful, says author Swayne O’Pie
Joe Evans still feels uncomfortable with the ingrained levels of misogyny and sexism evident in our daily lives, and looks forward to a time when gender roles are no more and masculinity can lose its bad reputation