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KCL investigate violent disruption of Israel event

Police were called after after pro-Palestine demonstrators disrupted the joint event by KCL and LSE Israel Societies, allegedly assaulting one woman

Junior doctors strike for first time in 40 years

With around 100 picket lines outside UK hospitals, junior doctors, students and those standing in solidarity came out to protest the contract changes

Student nurses and midwives march against bursary changes

Alongside national news of junior doctors’ strikes on Tuesday, student nurses and midwives also marched through Manchester, Newcastle and London to protest changes that will see bursaries replaced with loans

Student and parent group protests budget cuts for disabled students

Protesters took to the Trafford Town Hall this past week to protest recent budget cuts for disabled students

Student to set fire to loan in capitalism protest

In an attempt to highlight the debt that students are getting into, one art student plans a controversial project

Uber, Uber über alles

In its rapid rise to dominance in our private, bookable transport industry, Uber has made itself some powerful enemies

The Blues’ Boos

After a year of booing the UEFA Champions League song, Manchester City fans have caught the attention of UEFA and are under investigation

Residents oppose Owens Park plans

£200 million plans to revamp the Fallowfield accommodation are to be opposed by local residents due to concerns over noise and anti-social behaviour

Protesters and supporters greet Chinese President at Town Hall

As Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Manchester thousands gather to greet and protest his arrival

Students in solidarity with staff at risk of redundancy

Students joined staff to protest the universities change to their redeployment policy which has put 250 jobs at risk

Texas students protest gun laws with dildos

Students from The University of Texas plan to stage a protest involving “gigantic swinging dildos” next year, when new gun laws will come into action allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus

Sussex to pay student protester £20,000 in damages

Michael Segalov, one of five protesters harshly disciplined after a 2013 demonstration, will have his legal fees and £20,000 in damages paid by his former university

Violence on the Left: The Great Eggs-aggeration

With isolated acts of violence tainting the media’s response to the anti-Tory protests, Ed John looks at just how one-sided the coverage has been

Who protested the Tory Conference?

The Conservative party conference saw tens of thousands take to the streets in protest. Daniel Saville joined the protestors and asked why they were getting involved

Will the new generation discredit the Left?

After a few ugly incidents soured the press coverage of anti-Conservative protests, George Bolton argues that the new, young left must not discredit itself as a credible movement

Disturbance at the protest – unacceptable, but inevitable

Left with only one way to express discontent with the upper echelons of power, it’s not surprising that people end up overstepping the line during protests

People’s Assembly National Week of Action

This week saw the People’s Assembly’s Week of Action protesting the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

Liveblog: Anti-austerity protesters march against Conservative Party Conference

Tens of thousands line the streets of Manchester against government cuts and privatisation

Scores of students protest homeless evictions

Scores of students gathered to protest MMU’s controversial ‘social cleansing’ eviction of the homeless under the Mancunian Way

Homeless activist hospitalised after Manchester Metropolitan eviction

Manchester Metropolitan University claims no violent altercations took place, but one woman was sent to hospital because of her treatment during the eviction

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