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Essena O’Neil: Sensation or sob story?

Aj Mal puts forward his opinion on Essena O’Neill’s headline-grabbing exit from social media, including a defect from her 600,000-follower Instagram account

Public shaming on social media

Jennifer Connell was subjected to public shaming online for suing her 12-year-old nephew. But did she deserve the abuse that she suffered?

The fickleness of fame

Five minutes of fame are easier than ever to achieve but clinging onto stardom is a different story

V for Valentine

Last weekend’s day of love is analysed by Marina Iskander, who believes you should spend your the special day of Valentines doing what you love, not who you love

Technology: the modern day student addiction

A survey has revealed the biggest addictions that students and other young people succumb to

The noughties was the best and the worst decade

Molly Allen reminisces about the decade that brought fame to the Spice Girls and an end to Turkey Twizzlers

Careers Corner: Founder of ‘Facebook’ for Student Employability

One of the founders of Kloodle, Phil Hayes, talks to Robert Firth about how they started and the graduate job market today.

Switch Off Social Media

Now we’ve left our teenage years, is it time to stop fretting about how many Facebook likes we have? Charlotte Wheatcroft thinks so

The Instagram Effect

Marina Iskander discusses the unobtainably high standards that we set ourselves on social media.

Does social media connect people?

David Brierley and Samuel Gilmore respond to the pressing question about the imposing effects of social media; is it, or is it not beneficial?

Girl Meets Dress launches student ambassador programme

Girl Meets Dress is offering the most fashionable addition to your CV.