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vegetarian Articles

No willpower? Love bacon? Try flexitarianism

Eating less meat could save the planet and you some cash

Manning up with a meat-free method

I was in a dark place, like Charlie Sheen, or a Chilean miner

The Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

He started home brews at 16

Jaipur Palace

Sophie Wyburd explores a vegetarian hotspot in Fallowfield

Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

Kate and Gina on another whirlwind adventure as they turn to the veg side and head to the specialists on Wilmslow Rd: Lotus Kitchen. Ain’t no stopping them now

Each time I come back

“Earth café is the wasabi pea of NQ eateries. Green and innocent on the outside, and on the inside, a delve into an unknown dimension”

1847: A Vegetable Supreme

Felix Sanders examines the future of vegetarian cuisine in Manchester after an exotic meal at 1847, with the restaurant serving some interesting adaptations

The Deaf Institute: A sensation

Like a cat, the green-eyed Bon Vivant prowls just off Oxford Road to see what she can get her paws on

Vegetarianism in our meat-orientated culture

Georgia Welch explores the difficulties of an anti-meat lifestyle in today’s society

Flat Bonding: The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Moving into a flat full of strangers can be daunting, especially in the first few days of settling in. Speed past this awkward phase by getting to know each other through the wonderful medium of food.


Not so sure about the widely known liquid-food? Let Cecilia change your mind by highlighting its versatility, variety and virtues

A little advice for a happy, healthy life

For those struggling to find their way out from a mountain of takeaway boxes and crisp wrappers, Food & Drink Editor Ellie Gibbs gives some basic tips for following a healthy lifestyle

Adventures on Curry Mile – Long Dudi Recipe

Food shopping on the curry mile can feel a bit like you’ve been transported back to your gap year; rows of mysterious fruits and vegetables stacked up on the street, a bollywood soundtrack and questionable food-hygiene standards, or at least it does until the famous Manchester drizzle starts to dampen the dragon fruit. It’s easy […]

Courgette falafel

Eve Commander shares a favourite vegetarian recipe