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The John Rylands University Library collected nearly £75K in one term

John Rylands collects nearly £75k fines in just one term

University libraries collect tens of thousands of pounds in fines

The Alan Gilbert building at the University of Melbourne

Alan Gilbert legacy hides private university dream

Late Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert’s views on private universities revealed

Picture 3

Where are they now? – Bosko Balaban

Taking a look at what sports stars of the past are up to now….

Barack Obama

Presidential Race 2012: Science Policies

The policies of Obama and the Republican candidates will have a major impact on funding and laws governing science research


“Rambo of the food crops” as saviour from climate change famine

The Cassava plant is expected to flourish under climate change where others wilt


‘Males aren’t doomed to extinction’

Forecasts of the demise of men have been found to be unreliable

Mobile Phones

Internet communications threaten mobile networks

Messenger-apps set to superseded good old-fashioned texting


2012: Mobile phones outnumber humans

Forecasts predict the number of mobile devices to grow faster than the human population

Car & plane

BAE Systems develop ‘structural battery’

UK manufacturer aims to radically reduce weight and size, from cars to military drones


Lab-grown meat ready within a year

Dutch researchers hope to have the world’s first lab-grown burger by the end of 2012


Research into invisibility cloak published

University of Manchester ‘invisibility cloak’ could prevent earthquake damage


Heart stem cells ‘heal’ scarred heart

Heart attack scar tissue repaired by stem cells