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Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was raped behind the Didsbury Library. Photo: Jana Liggett-Wright

Witnesses urged to come forward after rape in Didsbury village

Police appeal for information regarding a rape in Didsbury on October 30

Professor Michael Worboys (left) and Professor Matthew Cobb, pictured with Meesha the Catalan sheepdog, are to study the influence of humans on the characteristics of domestics dogs. Photo: Russell Hart

£500k to research the ‘history of dogs’

Academics at Manchester University have been given £500k to study the relationship between man and his best friend

Cheap vodka has been labelled a health hazard by the Trading Standards Agency Photo: Jonathan Whiting

Cheap vodka a ‘health hazard’

Students are being warned against purchasing the cheap vodka brand Drop Vodka. The brand is toxic containing chemicals such as Chloroform and the Trading Standards Agency warned that excessive consumption is a health hazard and could cause cancer.

Up to 2,000 cannabis plants were found in a disused pub in Salford Photo: Ryan Van Lenning

2,000 cannabis plants found in Salford pub

Greater Manchester Police have discovered 2,000 cannabis plants

A Facebook group has been set up in remembrance of Nabila

Student crushed to death in nightclub

Northampton University student believed to have died from a heart attack after a “stampede”

A protestor on a tripod helps block traffic on Westminster Bridge.  Photo: Sarah Kerton

Secret donor funds health reform protest

A secret donor paid for the transport of around 600 people so they could join thousands of protesters opposing the NHS reform in London

Sir Alex Ferguson has been awarded an honorary doctorate

Ferguson nets degree

Sir Alex Ferguson is awarded with an honorary Doctorate of Laws at the University of Manchester to celebrate his contribution to the city

Apple in court again

Apple in court again over allegations of copyright infringement.

Investigators baffled by spontaneous combustion death

The first Irish case of human spontaneous combustion baffles investigators.

Embryonic stem cell treatment for blindness

Potential treatment for a degenerate blindness found in the form of embryonic stem cells.

Laptops for students

Want help choosing your laptop? This is for you.

Changing tactic for nuclear fusion

Generating power by putting particles together rather than breaking them apart is now closer than ever.