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International Cinema: Africa and the Middle East

International Cinema: Africa and the Middle East

Our contributors picked their favourite films from Africa and the Middle East in the fourth instalment of the International Cinema series
Piccadilly Gardens taken over by Kurdish Protesters

Piccadilly Gardens taken over by Kurdish Protesters

Over 250 people took part in recent protests in Piccadilly Gardens to show support against military action in Turkey
Block return to the country for British ISIS supporters, says Burnham

Block return to the country for British ISIS supporters, says Burnham

Burnham has made clear his opposition to Shamima Begum’s return to the UK, as Mayor of a city deeply affected by terrorist atrocities

Kamila Shamsie in conversation with Jeanette Winterson

‘Art is not going to be the thing that brings down borders and barriers… but Art may remind us of humanity.’

Where will this populism lead us?

Centrists across the Western world must come together in opposition of current political tactics that point us towards an uncertain future, writes Liam O’Brien

In conversation with Qaisra Shahraz

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan talks to the author and University of Manchester alumnus Qaisra Shahraz about writing, injustice, feminism, radicalisation, Muslim-Jewish relations, freedom of speech, Prevent, and the struggle of identity

We’re all losers in the terrorist name game

Joely Thomas looks at the many names of IS and asks what effects they have

Tabloid terrorism: The unreported menace

The tabloid press wield power and influence in this country and often direct it at the wrong people for the wrong reasons

Will Cameron’s claims over Syria be his undoing?

Joel Kelly asks whether Cameron’s claim that there are 70,000 moderate opposition fighters in Syria will be his fatal undoing

Was Hilary Benn right to evoke the ‘F’ word?

Simon Youel discusses whether Benn’s evocation of fascism was an attempt to appeal to a deep-seated fear

In this global war Africa must not be forgotten

With an ever-increasing focus on the Middle East, we must not forget the related conflicts that rage across Africa

Be wary of the march to war

With MPs soon due to vote on extending British airstrikes to Syria, Tristan Parsons looks at and debunks some of the myths surrounding the debate

In the wake of Paris, Islam must be embraced by the West

The Western world must resist division, suspicion and demonisation of Islam if it wants to combat Islamic State

Solidarity: The aftermath of the Paris terror attacks

Gemma Sowerby speaks to Manchester students on their years abroad in Paris about their experiences in the midst of the deadly terror attacks, and the atmosphere of the aftermath, rooted in hope and solidarity

The destruction of Palmyra is a very human tragedy

Alex Daniel argues for humanity’s sake, that we shouldn’t underestimate the tragedy of IS destroying an ancient city and the heritage it represents

What should we do in the Middle East?

Ben Farren looks at the underlying issues that the rise of IS has brought to the forefront of Western strategy

Don’t let ‘anti-radicalisation’ measures stifle intellectual liberty

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan argues that attempts to fight radicalisation are a serious and dangerous threat to our academic liberties

How do we solve a problem like radicalisation?

‘Prevent’ is hypocritical and ignorant, but the problem goes much further than that

NUS refuse to condemn ISIS on grounds of “Islamophobia”

The NUS has voted down a motion to condemn Islamic state as they fear it had pro-intervention rhetoric and could be considered “Islamophobic”