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Aryan Safavi

Aryan Safavi

Former Sci and Tech editor 2011-2012.

New technique to determine source of greenhouse gasses

New step to decipher human accountability for global warming

UK to tap into Iceland’s volcanic energy in European Supergrid

“the project would be the longest and one of the most ambitious interconnectors in the world”

‘Twisted’ waves to ease radio-band congestion

Italian scientists hope to match Galileo’s impact with a dramatic display

Graphene has potential to replace silicon at the heart of our electronic world

Future day computers may have graphene at their core

BAE Systems develop ‘structural battery’

UK manufacturer aims to radically reduce weight and size, from cars to military drones

2012: Mobile phones outnumber humans

Forecasts predict the number of mobile devices to grow faster than the human population

‘Males aren’t doomed to extinction’

Forecasts of the demise of men have been found to be unreliable

“Rambo of the food crops” as saviour from climate change famine

The Cassava plant is expected to flourish under climate change where others wilt


A double-amputee is allowed to take part in the London 2012 Olympics Games

Particle discovered which can cool the planet

University of Manchester scientists discover particle proposed over 60 years ago

University of Manchester heralds nuclear future

New nuclear facility opened and Rutherford would be proud

Global Russian invasion resisted by gaming army of ‘n00bs’

COD breaks sales records again and again

A panda eats, shoots and leaves to extinction?

Claims we should accept that some species are too dire to save gain support

Perfect drug combinations evolved at University of Manchester

Researchers at the university evolve drugs to be harder, better, faster, stronger

Branson’s Virgin Galactic boldly goes where no entrepreneur has gone before

Branson aims for the space with an ‘out of this world’ project

Nobel Prize winners earn acclaim for seminal research

The 2011 Nobel Prizes in Physics, Medicine and Chemistry respectively were announced in October, awarding the international researchers acclaim for their leading research.

Genetic link to intelligence found

Stereotypes of intelligent parents producing intelligent kids might be more true than you think.

Laptops for students

Want help choosing your laptop? This is for you.

Urbee, the world’s most futuristically manufactured car

Using the process of 3-D printing, the environmentally friendly Urbee hybrid car displays the future of manufacturing.

NASA five-tonne satellite crashes off US west coast

After decades of service to science, a NASA satellite has crashed into the earth under much confusion as to where it would land.