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James Moules

James Moules

Top 5: Movie ending songs

Sometimes a great piece of song-casting at the end of the picture can propel an already excellent film into greatness—here are the five best closing songs

HOME Pick of the Week: Victoria

Although the plot often stretches plausibility, Victoria remains an entertaining and technically impressive drama

Interview: Alex Hurst

Alex Hurst, the director of the upcoming student short film Hostage, tells us about the film’s production through the University of Manchester’s new filmmaking society

HOME Pick of the Week: The Assassin

Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The Assassin is a stunningly beautiful yet subtle film that represents martial arts cinema at its absolute finest

Review: Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies succeeds as a decent espionage drama, and bears many of Steven Spielberg’s best and worst tendencies

Review: Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin’s sharp writing, Danny Boyle’s energetic direction and Michael Fassbender’s note-perfect performance make this unconventional biopic of Steve Jobs unmissable

Review: The Oresteia

Blanche McIntyre brings her interpretation of Ted Hughes’ concise translation of The Oresteia to Manchester’s HOME

TV Binge: Doctor Who

Now in its ninth season since its revival, Doctor Who has surged back to top form following a pair of lacklustre series

Review: The Walk

Aside from outstanding visuals in the final act, The Walk is largely a bore that drags along at the titular pace

Classic Review: Rashomon

Akira Kurosawa’s influential masterpiece, Rashomon, is essential viewing for all lovers of world cinema

TV Binge: Life on Mars

Our pick for what to watch this Welcome Week is the Manchester-set 70s crime drama Life on Mars

TV Binge: Black Mirror

James Moules reckons that Black Mirror is a bleak masterpiece of 21st Century television

Oscar Predictions 2015: Who Will/Should Win

James Moules shares the results of The Mancunion’s Oscar Predictions Poll, in which the Film Section’s editors and contributors told us who they think will win in the major categories on Oscar night, and who they reckon should win if it were solely down to them

Review: The Imitation Game

James Moules says that this Alan Turing biopic succeeds thanks to director Morten Tyldum’s strong eye for detail and Benedict Cumberbatch’s knockout performance.

TV Binge: American Horror Story

James Moules explains why catching up with the hit show American Horror Story would be well worth your while

Review: A Most Wanted Man

Editor James Moules gives glowing praise to the latest John le Carré film adaptation.

Classic Review: The Deer Hunter

After a trip to see the classic war film at the Cornerhouse, James Moules was all too eager to share his thoughts.

Review: Before I Go to Sleep

Editor James Moules reckons that Nicole Kidman’s latest is a cheap attempt at replicating better movies.

Top 5: Tarantino characters who should have been played by a different actor

James gives us his Inglorious Casters

Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

James says Wes Anderson’s latest is a five-star introduction for those not accustomed to the director’s unique style