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Pokémon X/Y

Alasdair Preston takes on the latest Pokémon challenge to see if the sixth generation can match the first

Before hating 3D Sonic games was cool, there was Sonic Adventure 2. First appearing on Dreamcast, then Gamecube and later even on the XBL Marketplace and PSN Store, SA2 has been around for over 12 years. The game was from a time before length of the game was sacrificed for the bigger budget, shorter single […]

Saints Row IV

If Saints Row were a person, it’d be the type who would turn up an hour late to a fancy dinner party with a bottle of Sainsbury’s vodka and a crate of Fosters. It doesn’t take anything seriously, and it doesn’t think you should either. Since it’s inception, the franchise has been consistently compared to […]

The biggest event in the gaming calendar is always E3, the gaming show held in Los Angeles annually. This year’s E3 did not disappoint. Microsoft and Sony wowed audiences with hordes of new details of their upcoming consoles. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are set to launch on November 22nd and 29th respectively.  The […]

Just in time to save freshers from spending huge quantities of their student loan on games, Humbe Bundle Inc. have released the ninth Humble Indie Bundle. The concept of the bundle is to sell a set of four games and allow the buyer to name their price. If you should pay more than the average […]